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Born in Jaén, Spain, in 1986, at age 7 he got his first camera, Julián Redondo Bueno finished his studies in Art Photography at the School of Arts in Córdoba in 2009. Since then he has travelled to 30 countries in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.

His passion
to combine gastronomy and photography was originated from the search for a personal style during a trip to Yucatan with Mexican photographer Mauricio Mergold in 2008.
There appeared his first project "The
Cacao and the Mayans" work produced in tándem with the chocolate master Mathieu Brees, ¨Ki-xocolat¨, Mérida, Mexico.

Soon he realized that no matter the place, language and religion: if you meet someone who loves food you will have a friend forever.

For 8 years he has been living in Poland where he is being fed by a gastronomic revolution to mature as an artist and to exper
imentamong chefs at the highest level.

his portfolio you can find imagesof world-renowned restaurants such as ¨Central¨ in Lima, ¨Nahm¨ in Bangkok and ¨Aqua¨ in Wolfsburg;

Festivals and gastronomic
competitions like "Transatlantyk" in Poland or "The Chef of the year" in Germany;

and in books like "Zapomniany Smaki" with recipes from the Top Chef Poland winner in 2015, Tomasz Purol, or the first Ukrainian recipe book in Polish language "Ukraina Smaków" by Aniela Redelbach.

Nowadays, he is working on gastronomy projects with a historical background using analog photography, carries out reports for restaurants and illustrations for books and magazines.